R&D Advantage
Customized program, advanced technology and process enhanced the prognosis capability; focusing on details and always seeking to satisfy the clients.
Technology Advantage
MINGSHENG is a high-technology company with well-known experts from famous universities, experienced professions from China state-owned companies as its core technical team.
Construction Process Advantage
Completed project engineering quality management system, regular safety training with impeccable safe facility and hard-working and creative staff.
Operation Service Advantage
MINGSHENG is capable enough to provide one-stop services from construction, to operation, maintenance as well as daily management for industrial waste water and gas solution, dedusting, desulphuration.
Standard Projects Management Advantage
Standard and elaborate the operation management. One-to-one service from project management team. Early warning system is assuring the control of every step of the whole project.
  • Project progress
  • performance of desulfurization and denitrification
  • Installation project performance
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